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The appropriate Hidrostal-bearing frame is the optimal and most economic solution for every pump configuration.
  • Developed for a service life of > 50'000 working hours
  • Large free passages for pumping liquid with solid objects and fibrous materials
  • Able to pump liquids and viscosity's above values normally possible with conventional centrifugal pumps
  • Steep H / Q curves with closed valve twice best efficiency point
  • Low NPSH characteristics
  • Flat non-overloading power curves
  • High hydraulic efficiencies
  • Vertically-arrangend pumps
  • Heavy-duty process pump for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Pump with swivelled drive unit
  • Pump with mechanical seal or gland packing
  • Rigid construction for stable power transfer
  • For efficient handling of bulky solids, sludges, slurries, viscous liquids, delicate solids, crystals and shear-sensitive liquids
  • Damage free transfer of food products

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